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ARTIST FEATURE: Meet the maker empowering women with her female form candles

The body candle is a fiery new interiors trend that's not only stylish but one that we love for its glorification of all bodies. As International Women's Day fast approaches, we chat to Juliette from Le Contour - a Belfast based company selling minimalistic and natural candles which celebrates sisterhood.

Le Contour is a Belfast-based brand creating female form candles that come in all shapes, sizes and skin tones.
Juliette, founder of Le Contour Candles

Tell us a bit more about yourself?

My name is Juliette, I'm the candlemaker behind my brand Le Contour. I'm half Belgian and half Egyptian - I grew up in a small town on the Red Sea in Egypt called Hurghada where my family ran a scuba diving business. I now live in Belfast, Northern Ireland where I have studied and worked over the past 10 years.

I'm a lover of all things home décor and spend my downtime working on DIY projects and renovating my first home with my partner Mark.

How did Le Contour come to be? I began my journey with Le Contour during the first lockdown of 2020 where like many of us, I experienced first-hand the importance of being surrounded by things that positively impact and encourage us in our day to day lives - namely in our home.

This is what prompted the creation of my very first collection – the Sistory Collection - which has been designed to empower women and inclusively celebrate the female form. An ethos I am proud to align my brand to.

The Sistory Collection by Le Contour

What got you into candle making?

Like my cousin in Denmark once told me, minimalistic & natural candles are at the forefront of the Danish 'Hygge' way of living because of the cosy, heart-warming feeling they create in a home. The latter paired with the idea of creating a product that celebrates sisterhood is what got me deep into the art of candle-making and what continues to push me forward in this craft.

We love your strapline 'our collection, your story'. What was your inspiration behind this?

The idea behind our strapline is that our collection is inspired by the real stories of sisterhood. One where no matter our shape, size and skin colour - we are all uniquely beautiful.

Le Contour's candles have been designed to empower women and inclusively celebrate the female form.

Your proudest achievement?

That's a tough one - I think it may be getting through lockdown & setting up a small business in the process! We've all struggled with the challenges of lockdown but my saving grace has been delving into my craft and creating a business I feel passionate about. To date, I think this has been my proudest accomplishment.

Best selling candle?

Our best selling candles is our gorgeous Curvy Sister.

Le Contour's best seller - The Curvy Sister.

Your Instagram game is strong. What's your top tip for a beautiful feed?

Aww, thanks! My top tip would be to share capturing product images alongside meaningful content which really resonates with your brand values.

Personal favourite candle?

I am truly obsessed with The Sistory Collection - I love our Sister candles but there's just something extra about our cheeky Booty candle!

The Booty Candle by Le Contour

Burn or keep for decoration?

Some say they're too pretty to burn but I do love the effects of the trickling hot wax when burning too.

Fave Instagram account?

I have a major girl crush on @MayaJama so I'm an avid follower of hers. But business wise, I love @SummerFridays - their Instagram literally reminds me of the feeling I get on holiday!

What does 'Modern Living' mean to you?

When I think of Modern Living, I think of an eco-conscious minimalist lifestyle where you handpick the pieces that bring happiness into your home.

What's next for Le Contour?

We have some big plans for Le Contour this spring - we will be launching some gorgeous new models to expand our Sistory Collection and will be expanding into a new HQ! Watch this space!

To find out more about Le Contour make sure you follow @LeContourCandles on Instagram or to purchase one of their beautiful candles, visit LeContour.co.uk

Next week, we're back to adulting but this one's for the parents - teaching kids good money habits. Stay tuned.


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