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This week we’re featuring London-based artist Tom Oluade who reconnected with his creative side during lockdown and went on to launch his first collection of paintings.

'A Midwinter Night's Dream' by Tom Oluade

Firstly Tom, how did you get into art?

Art has been a big factor throughout my life. I studied GCSE and A-Level art and then went on to study Architecture at University, however, my creative side was then put on hold while I pursued my love for Property Development.

It wasn't until the first lockdown in 2020 did I decide to pick up a brush for the first time in ages and I began painting casually. I then took to Instagram to share my creations and got such a warm reception from my followers that I decided to sell my pieces. The rest, they say, is history.

Describe your style in three words?

Contemporary. Colourful. Expressive

'The Art of Celebration' by Tom Oluade

What medium do you work with and why?

Mainly acrylic and emulsion paints, due to the vast array of colours available. This also helps me create the splatter patterns featured on the last layer of all of my pieces.

I have recently started exploring the use of spray paint within my creations and I am really loving the end result.

London-based artist Tom Oluade

Who or what inspires you and why?

Artists such as Tracey Emin, Sophie Tea Art, Emma Howell, Dave Howarth, Toni Thornton and Rajan Seth inspire me a lot in their different ways but they all have one thing in common, they are all true to who they are as artists, they’ve all found their medium and they have made it work for them.

As for my own art, I’m inspired by all sorts of things from a specific colour on a wall, fabric patterns, to the colours of a Gucci jacket. It really comes down to how colours work or sometimes contrast and how they can be interpreted in different mediums.

'Rain on a cloudy day' by Tom Oluade

Which piece means a lot to you and why?

That’s like asking a parent who their favourite child is! But I think the piece that has the most sentimental value to me is No.1. It was the first piece I created on an MDF board and I have since gone back to update it with my improved art creation process. This is the piece that started the journey.

'No 1' is the first piece Tom created during Lockdown

An interesting fact about your art?

I believe that abstract art can be affordable and available to the everyday person and I will carry this ethos throughout all future collections.

'Ascension' by Tom Oluade

Who’s your clientele?

My clientele is varied, but they all have something in common, they’re not afraid of that pop of colour. They love the use of colour, want something that stands out and they love how art makes them feel.

Although the majority of my art journey has taken place during the multiple lockdowns we’ve had and therefore created in isolation, the bit I enjoy the most is seeing my customers' reactions when I’ve delivered their piece. This is what brings me ultimate joy.

'Sun Sea Waves' by Tom Oluade

What's next?

I’m excited to say I’ll be showcasing some of my work in Brick Lane Gallery in March, I have a new collection launching this month and there will be a prints range at some point on the horizon.

It’s safe to say Tom’s contemporary style delivers a burst of colour all walls crave. To stay up to date on his latest collections and to purchase his art visit TomOluadeArt.com or follow him on Instagram @Tom_Oluade_Art.

Next week, we're back to adulting with some easy budgeting tips to help make the most of your money.


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