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Why dating etiquette could help land your dream home

This week Luke Smith founder of SW London-based estate agency group Avory Smith joins us for a Valentine's Day special on why a good dating technique could help land your dream home.

Like dating, house hunting can come with all the nerves of trying to make the right first impressions but equally feeling cat-fished if the photos are nothing like the real thing. Yes, both are about searching for long term investments but could good dating etiquette really increase your success rate when hunting for a property? We asked Luke to let us in on a few of 'dating' tips when it comes to finding the perfect property match.

Luke Smith Founder of Avory Smith Group

Luke, what do you think of our theory?

Well fortunately or unfortunately (depending on which way you look at it), I've always found house hunting far easier than dating. For obvious reasons, both require due care and attention. They're both a process. They're both rewarding and they're both stressful. Perhaps dating would have a higher success rate if there was some kind of conveyancing process to establish compatibility.

How can a potential buyer set themselves apart from others viewing a property?

Know your type! Agents like working with buyers who have specific requirements. It solidifies their seriousness and makes our job more possible and less impossible. That being said, we know people often start a journey looking for something completely different from the home they end up purchasing. We like working with people on their search and love seeing how happy they are on completion day.

Another tip is to act quickly upon your feelings as chances are if a property's being 'courted' by a multitude of interest parties, it may end up in a process like best and finals. Acting quickly can save you money as well as time.

Avory Smith property listing: Branksome Road, SW2

Play it cool or put your cards on the table?

Let the seller know how you feel. A second viewing is much like a second date if the next step is intending to "seal the deal".

Not so perfect match, what's worth compromising?

Those that buy without compromise usually don't have a compromised budget. If you are going to make exceptions, make sure you can live with them. Snoring is probably okay, cheating probably isn't. Or in property terms; needing a new boiler isn't a big deal, subsidence and rising damp probably are.

Avory Smith property listing: Branksome Road, SW2

When one door closes. How to cope with rejection?

There's plenty more fish in the sea. Or is there? Supply for the in-demand properties is limited, especially at the top end of the market. If your viewings go well, get down on one knee and make that property yours.

Right ONE versus right NOW?

Right now! The grass isn't always greener on the other side. If you're moving then there's usually a reason. If the new house ticks all your boxes then make it exclusive and enjoy it. Don't be scared to take on work, it might not have everything you need or want, but you can soon change that and perhaps even make a little bit of profit along the way (DISCLAIMER: the same shouldn't be said for dating).

Avory Smith Estate Agency Group, Brixton

Finally, tell us a bit more about the idea behind Avory Smith?

I started out at one of the largest global high-end estate agencies so I wanted to combine global standards with local values to implement a premium estate agency on a much smaller and more personable scale.

We work with a small pool of clients each year, allowing our service to be of the highest calibre and each property listed to be as aspirational as the last. We often use specialist architectural photographers and offer services in staging, dressing and interior design in order to capture each and every home with the utmost attention to detail.

For more information on Avory Smith check out their website or follow them on Instagram @AvorySmithBrixton.

Who knew dating could teach us so much about navigating our way through finding the perfect property? Next week, we'll be featuring a self-taught artist who embraced lockdown by revisiting his passion for painting and then went on to launch of his very own collection.


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